Tuesday, 3 April 2012

In The Beginning...

As a person who often asks several inappropriate questions of people he's recently met it's rather surprising when an otherwise innocuously sweet person has devious fantasies and fetishes. And I'm always sitting there wondering how they realised their respective lusts...

Personally I believe I've always innately had an interest in bondage as I recall vivid memories of cartoon scenes where the damsel in distress was bound and gagged to the train tracks or a tree.. and I recall particularly enjoying those scenes despite not relating them to a sexual desire.

And while cartoon scenes are the earliest recollection I have of these... It's unsurprising that these damsels in distress seemed to crop up in cartoons, comics, television, movies, and even video games. After all wasn't Mario always trying to rescue Princess Peach who was bound and held captive by Donkey Kong and/or Bowser?

Princess Peach - Behind Closed Doors?

In fact I remember watching a movie at a young age where a female slept in a confinement pod and I wondered how fun it would be if the alien pod was modified to abuse her... If she ventured into this pod which sealed shut and flushed a gelatinous liquid over her body allowing it to be stimulated by electrical currents (both to stimulate directly or to cause the gelatinous substance to react a specific way).

Although unsure I believe these earliest fantasies were aimed towards the fear and helplessness of the damsel in distress rather than a sexual arousal. My first thoughts focussed on a genuine sense of panic and possibly basic humiliation at the realisation of what was occurring.

Aside from the aforementioned affinity for damsels in distress in all of their wriggling helpless glory, the internet played a large part in allowing my fantasies and fetishes to flourish.

A serendipitous detour from visual pornography I stumbled upon erotica websites depicting scenes of a more non-consensual nature where the characters really were helpless. Obviously aroused by this it was a matter of time before I began to read more and more erotica on these websites covering a broader ranges of kinky subject matter to better flesh out my sexual map.

A naturally curious person I've always been interested to read about anything new to me and just because something is of a sexual nature doesn't make it off limits. I've read stories involving (but not limited to) fetishes such as beastiality, dendrophilia, fisting, rape, scat, watersports, and even werewolves.
Trannies. I've read about 'em but they're not my thing!

A lot of these are fetishes that really aren't for me (see above) but I suppose at least now I'm gaining a better idea of what I enjoy and what I don't enjoy. Only there's then the aspect of separating fantasy-arousal and real-life-enjoyment...

And this is where the post ends.. because we're officially beyond the beginning.

Stay tuned for more posts.
Comments appreciated - I'm new to sexually fuelled blogging!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A New Blog

Calm in Control is a new blog created by Calm in an effort to analyse, sift through, and document the sexual imagery and thoughts which flash through my head at random times.

While I'm usually a very open person to those who I meet in offline life there are certainly aspects of my sexuality held back from normal discourse due to societal norms and pressures.

And this blogs seeks to serve as an outlet for those devious sexual thoughts as well as other more light hearted sexual topics.